Sunday, 26 June 2016

Songs of June

Hey it's me.

So, 2am last night: After watching Adele's set at Glastonbury on the telly, belting out every word (even though I'm 'not a fan') and mashing together a post-tv-coverage playlist, the topic of conversation mulled into our top 5 songs of all time.

Obviously, this sparked some debate between the questions, 'Where's your loo' and 'Do you mind if I find a t-shirt to sleep in'. And although, that has got me thinking about the huge task of whittling down all my favourite sounds down to 5, I also had a think about what I've listened to this month and LOVED.

So here we are, have a listen, and tell me what else I need to get into my ears:

Alfie Connor - Stranger 
...Ooo soft soppy songs 

George Ogilvie - Better Man
...What a surprise, another soppy one. Would you even be surprised if I told you that I like to listen to this when it rains? 

Bastille - Good Grief 
...Because any song that starts with 'So what would you little maniacs like to do first' is the best

Nao - Inhale Exhale
...Anything this lady sings is like molten gold in my ears and I can't get enough

Fifth Harmony - Work From Home
...Yeah, sorry about that. We started off so strong, and ended so weird. 

J x 

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

That One Where 'We Sheepishly Return to The Blog After a 7 Month Hiatus'

*This is the bit where I apologise profusely that we haven't written for a while, and request that we don't address this further, because it a bit embarrassing for everyone involved *

What better way to end this year than to look back at the train wreck that was my New Years Resolutions from way back in January. When you look back on good intentions and you have your head in your hands with an ounce of 'oh, god i should have just made one resolution', you know you should share it with the internet. PS. The first one is a real cracker.
  1. I want to get healthy and if the offset of that is to get thinner then its a bonus
    •  L O L, Jose, oh Jose, why did you even bother with this enthusiasm? Whenever I hear this sorry excuse for a resolution from anyone mouth it makes me weep with lack of imagination. Obviously that's everyone's goal, I've never met anyone who's sole resolution was to be unhealthy (unless you are in fact that guy from Supersize Me #oldschoolreference ). Alas, yes I'm a resolution snob and yes I'm a little fatter than I was last year. Win win, Kind of.   
  2. I'm going to say 'yes' more.
    • Surprisingly, I've actually done this one. It's lead to a job (spoiler alert: yes, it's a proper job), repping UK retail in Paris, going to a multitude of food festivals and gigs, having better relationships with my friends and being spontaneous. I've taken this one to heart, and have searched for things to do rather than wait for others to, and it's been pretty fun too. 
  3. I will cleanse my wardrobe.  
    • As Gill at work always tells me, 'to cleanse the wardrobe, is to cleanse the soul' and by God she is so right. I've started doing this on a monthly basis to my own wardrobe...and to my dad's wardrobe...and to Becki's....and I'm eyeing up my ma's and brothers for the next hit.  It's become a very intense process, and calms my ever evolving OCD.
  4. I will make and alter my clothes (and actually finish them).
    • Again, LOL. Don't even ask, I haven't picked up that circle skirt since January. Whoops. 
  5. I will sing more and louder.
    • Still working on that one - no complaints from the neighbours as of yet and I still stand by the fact the PA set is a bit faulty. 
  6. Make more cocktails because I'm good at it and sometimes you've got to indulge in your true calling in life.
    • Nailed this one whole heartedly. I made Grapefruit Mojitos last month, it was a happy happy blissful time for all involved - I think even Becki can vouch when i say that. 

So now we're all caught up on my nice list of not very well planned/thought out/completed resolutions and learnt that good intentions don't always mean that things are done, I behold the honour of presenting to you Josie's 2015 resolutions: 
  1. Have another crack at sewing. I mean really, how hard can it be - did you see celebrity sewing bee?
  2. Start saving money every month, by putting a little bit away for a good ol' fashioned summer holiday (and to sing Dolly Parton - playlist will probably vary - all the way along on a trip I can actually afford to go on). This also rolls into, not buying lunch from Pret everyday, you cruel cruel consumerist mistress, you. 
  3. This last year I worked out how to properly use my camera and this year I'd like to use it more often, and *fingers crossed* print the photos. I am fully aware that I'm prematurely senile - both Becky/is keep reminding me, hence why I need pictures so I can live out the dream of telling weird old stories round the fire to my imaginary friends and fruits. 
  4. Turn off Instagram, Netflix and Bloglovin (Lord knows, Facebook is dead to me) every now and again to do things that are productive, or go outside - maybe i'll meet real drag queens rather than watching Ru Paul's Drag Race 24/7.
  5. Read more
  6. Study. Since graduating college, and going to work, I have missed researching and learning about fashion. I feel like only a year of it was never going to be enough. I need to know the history, the icons, the theory. I want to know it, and I want a library of it. Immediately.
Maybe this year I'll be able to uphold these a little better than last year, but then again, I do have the will power and concentration of a very very ADD child, so who can tell. 

J xo 

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Revision Woes.

Hells yeah I do! 
Ok so exam season, totally my time to shine, right? I mean I work all the hours god gives during the terms and I even ask for extra work! NERD ALERT. I know and I've embraced it, so suck it.  
Except I now have no major plans for revision, sure these are life altering exams but a Disney marathon is also important, yeah? Or random o'clock runs? Or super long showers?
Suddenly the part of my brain that drives overly motivated geektown Becki shut down and it's like the YouTube cat that says no has taken over. Right now instead of going over my vast sea of notes for my 9am exam I am watching Hercules (for the 3rd time). I don't mean to waste time or lose focus it just happens, one minute I am set up with revision sites and playlists and textbooks, and the next its netflix not 'getrevising' and Look magazine not a textbook. 
But once I finish this film I'm definitely revising...famous last words. 
Good luck to all of you with exams! 
B xo

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Mud for SS14

I, as much as it may not seem the case, do try and wear things that express how I feel and who I am; even if it is a hint of a crazy with leopard shoe and an all black ensemble.

Also in my head, when I get dressed in the morning, I like to pretend that I'm being interviewed by a street style photographer, and have to explain exactly why I'm wearing 5 necklaces and why I insist on wearing winter coats in mid May - hello, the re-winter?

Anyway, this technique makes me enjoy putting together clothes and outfits, despite openly despising the sea of badly chosen Primark and hazy YOLO purchases - example? A bomber jacket that has been patched together with velvet and carpet material, complete with awfully sewn leaves in a delightful dirty beige. Yum.

Today was one of those days where college started late, thus instead of a horrific alarm in, what seems the middle of the night, I was woken by the birds and the brightness of a rainy day. Watched 2 episodes of Ugly Betty, showered, and dressed. The outfit was black skinnies (as always), oversized grey marl tee, and to top it off a couple of gold necklaces - what does Coco Chanel know about over accessorising anyway? The entire jewellery box or nothing is what I go for.

Fast forward an hour and I have to leave. Grab the leopard Vans - not only are they wicked comfy but make me look like I swim in fashionable, trendy waters. Grab the big black shaggy coat that makes me look like a newly shaved black sheep. Go.

I don't even make it out of my road before I step onto an uneven pavement slab and a mass of dirty water spurts up. Up my jeans, on my canvas shoes. Leaving a tide mark round my ankle, and dark stains on the leopard print. My jeans look they've gone for an ugly ombre of mud. Brilliant. Did I mention I go to a fashion college full of pristine people? Maybe I could pull off a dirty ombre as a homage to grunge? Is mud even on trend for SS14?!

Oh well, maybe the street style photographer in my head would agree, don't try and be something you're not. Be a dirtbag, and embrace it.

J xo.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Apocalips: Wow

 I know this is a cop out blog post but I think it's nice now and then to share things you enjoy, therefore it's probably about the right time that I share with you my long term, lip saviour: the Rimmel London Apocalips Lip Lacquer in Celestial. When I brought this, last February whilst en route to Krakow, I was in a whirl wind of travel and wanting to immerse myself into the 'Beauty Blogging World'. Obviously, the travel was limited to one city and the blogger career never really suited me.

But still, this is my ode to the girliest, pinkest, most feminine item of face attire I own. At first I wasn't sure; I hadn't given a thought to pink as one of the necessities on my face, let alone my lips (due the excess of pink already existing in my face and the well know fact that 'pink's for girls' and I'm not one of those types). And this colour isn't exactly subtle. The texture is that of a lip gloss, but less sticky and the pigment is FULL ON, but a small amount can be blended on to the lips for a sheerer, purple toned shade.

It quickly became my go to shade to soften up my typically grungy, leather jacket and vans to go look and at that one of lip products I'll genuinely miss when (not 'if', it's inevitable) I'll lose it trough a hole in my pocket or when it flips out of bag due to my drunken state on a night out.

Also, in other news, totally haven't murdered my 3 month old orchid yet. Pink lips and green fingers are so SS14, darling.

J xo 

Monday, 28 April 2014

My Cocktail Diary

How artistic?!
Welcome one and all to my cocktail diary of sorts!
I will admit the above artsy fartsy, alcoholic photographs were not taken by my fair hands, rather by the genius that is my brother; apparently alcohol does not impare his photography skills. But I did drink at least 1/4 of the above drinks, if not 1/3. 
I recently spent 8 days in the BEA-UTIFUL land of Barbados-I know I'm super lucky- based on my experience I thought it best to discuss my drink consumption, rather than the sun, sea, sand, sky or any other S's. 
During this week or so I must have tried around 27 cocktails, I know, I really could have done better. 
The ones I can remember are; strawberry mojito, black cherry mojito (tastes like marzipan. YUCK.), normal mojito, bajan chalice, sex with a bartender, sex on the beach, sex on the sand (I'm not normally this promiscuous sounding!), CD key, dodgeball, casino royale, fruitini, chocolatini and the rest are a blur of colour and curaƧao. 
My Top Tipple; The Dodgeball; Oh My Goodness! This was like magical, gin goodness. It had two gin types, a sugar syrup, lemon sherbet and blackberries. It also came in a glass the size of my head- BONUS!! It tasted like fruity, ginny dibdabs!
So if you are in need of a cocktail connoisseur or simply someone who will drink whatever's put in front of them: I'm your gal!
Tweet me (@lifesateaparty) your top tipple or an invite to make or drink a cocktail (I'm that much of a loner)!
Happy Weeks!
B xoxo

Thursday, 27 February 2014

That One Time at London Fashion Weekend

Being the uber cool bloggers we are (note the heaps of sarcasm), us two and the aforementioned in this post, Becky D, ventured off to Somerset House last Sunday for a day of serious fashion - and woah did we feel like dirtbags.

Our tickets included a tote bag designed by Julien Macdonald in a monochrome *cue a champagne and rejoicing* dragon motif; filled with an Elle magazine, mini Essie nail vanish, Maybelline Baby Lips, a hair protein spray, and a strange 'beauty bar' that tasted like a Carnivore's worst nightmare along with a plethora of discounts. 

The Courtyard of the house was taken up by the catwalk area and the surrounding rooms of the house were filled with tonnes of designer brands with some pretty good discounts (but obvs not enough for us poor, poor students). Some of our faves were Lost Property of London and Vivienne Westwood *swoon*. Amongst the designers were sponsors offering competitions, and opportunities to try on their products - like the Sunglass Hut (above) which shockingly allowed us, a rowdy threesome of nerdy girls, try on Prada glasses. It. Was. Bliss. (also, how much does Becki look like she's going to punch someone in the 2nd picture?  LOL).

The catwalk we attended was trend based for Spring/Summer 14: Florals, Metallics, Sports Luxe and Lace in every colour under the sun and all styled by the Although it probably would have been more exciting to see a designer show, the trend was a good basic intro to catwalks and great for our first ever LFW experience.

The overall atmosphere of the day was a strange one; everyone was very attractive, very well dressed and all very bloggy - do you know what I mean? It did feel like people were there to be seen, which was kind of expected, but you know, we're not like that; We went for the free Kinder Buenos.

And with that, I hope you are enjoying the AW14 fashion weeks,
J xo

PS. Here's a picture of me channelling my inner Anna Wintor...