Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Boretown On My Body

You'd think that as I'm schooling in a fashion collage that I would be setting free my strange clothing choices to truly reach their fruit loop potential. But, oh no, dear reader, this girl has been residing in bore-town for the last week and a half.

Black skinny jeans, muddy Docs (not even a wet-wipe could salvage the leather this morning), grey slouchy t-shirt, oversized winter coat. Could I be any more boring? Short answer: no. Long Answer: yes, with the addition of unwashed hair and yesterday's make up, I can add 'gives the illusion of homelessness' to my CV. The Joy.

With a day off tomorrow, maybe I'll actually plan out some outfits - because when everybody else looks impeccable (every. single. day.), fashion comes first and it's hard to look this god damn awful on a daily basis. 

It's time  for me to invest in some statement jewellery; diamonds, gold, chains...you know the kind that won't turn my neck green as soon as you wear it when you have damp hair, but instead screams 'Yes, ladies, this girl is accomplished, put together, clean and most importantly, at a fashion collage'. 

I don't ask for much when it comes to jewellery, but if it also wants to be under a tenner that'll be smashing.  

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