Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Rolling in The Slob

Yet again I seem to have returned to fashion slobbery; the suit skirt, the shabby band top (from a concert that I deny attending) and Bruvs oldest hoodie: still with a bit of Fridays tequila on it (*cough* Josie *cough*). Take that all in. Admire my style superiority. 
Today was the most disasterous of style crescendos: my normally tedious suit was, for once, the hieght of sophistication (modesty is my middle name); black pencil skirt, double collared white shirt, jazzy jumper and the craziest of necklaces. For once I managed to hide my majorly dodgey fashion choices. HOORAH. 
However the decision on what I should change into really should have been confiscated. Why I chose this particular closet gremlin to be my Tuesday night top, I shall never know. Before you make any underestimated judgements, let me just warn you; it has dimantes. DI-FRIGGING-MANTES. 
The only excuse I have is; I'm not at fashion collage, unlike my dirtbag counterpart. 

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