Wednesday, 29 January 2014

The Haircut Rules

This face says: 'I promise you, this is a good thing...probably'
Unlike the rest of the civilised world, haircuts are a phenomenon that's Becki and I are definitely not familiar with. Although arguably, I don't have a problem with strangers/people/anyone touching my hair, so really, I'm just lazy at booking a cut and dry.

If you've seen my Pinterest of late you'd know my obvious and incredibly serious hair lust; Short hair. Messy hair. Ombre hair. Curled. Straight. Blonde. And I want it all, immediately.

Once my board of hair related inspo reached a suitable amount of 9870 pins (approx.), I thought it was about time I actually did something to the mop of wookie that resided on my scalp. *cue skipping to the hairdressers with multiple printed pictures in my hands*.

If anything, that is exactly the first rule of hair cuts; be precise. Do your research on what you want, how you'd style it and what products would compliment the cut. For me, I headed to my style inspirations; Alexa Chung - obvs - and anything and everything Parisienne, then jumped onto Pinterest to collate the images. There is nothing worse that drawing a complete blank when the hairdresser asks, 'So, what do you want?' and you begin with. 'Oh, erm...well, I was thinking a, erm... fringe??...but like, I want it to start about, like, here?...and if it's not too much trouble, could you do something with my layers like this? you know what I mean?'. From a history of bad hair cuts (and horrendous fringes), I can tell you it's not a good way to start.

Looking at the way to style shorter hair is somewhat a new ocean of possibilities for me. A good place to start is YouTube, often you can find seriously good tutorials for the hair you desire, from profesh stylists to the girl next door. The possibilities are endless.

Lastly. the tools to style your potential hair is a must to research, again, Youtube reviews are great for this, but Blog reviews are better as I find them more in-depth. For my long bob hair lust, I now need Bumble and Bumble's Semisumo pomade - I tried to get it the other day, but no luck *sob*. But on a more student-friendly budget I'm trying out a multitude of glosses and texturing sprays, next on my list is the TRESemme Divine Definition Spray - I'll let you know how that goes. Also, it's all about the curl in a long bob; because my hair is naturally dead straight and flat (it's a blessing and a curse), it's time I had better dig out the curling tongs at my own peril.

Now that I'm finally getting to grips with my new short hair, tell me, who's your hairspiration?

J xo

Thursday, 16 January 2014

My Ode to Kate Moss

Picture: Playboy
After the last post by Becki - which by the way, made me feel like I was going to be sick into my own hands - lets talk about other Kate Moss.

As a tribute to her for her birthday, I'd rather send a card but we're not BFFs yet, I'm declaring my undying love for her and all that she does. With razor sharp cheek bones, uber pouty lips and and general bad-assery she's totally rocked the fashion world for over 20 years.

This year she appeared in an 18 page spread for Playboy, a place I associate with a creepy old man in a dressing gown surrounded by degraded naked girls. But she owned it, owned it like a sexy as shit model. And it was pretty tame and tasteful for a porn magazine. Dayumn, Kate.

Vogue June 2012
The first time I really understood why Kate Moss is as successful she is, was when I brought my first Vogue magazine in June 2012 (pictured above). I wanted to get into the fashion world and as a 16 year old trotted off to the newsagent and came back clutching what I thought was the epitome of haute: my first issue of Vogue. Photographed by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, Kate modelled a shoot titled 'Mighty Aphrodite', and my word, she was just that. So since then, I've been a bit obsessed by her. Look at her. LOOK AT HER. Effortless perfection.

I'd possibly maim for cheekbones like that. *buys contour powders and cries over lack of make up artistry skills*. Maybe she's the reason I'm determined to wear a hat even though I don't have the face for it, or the compulsive wear of my leather jacket. Either way, like the rest of the world, I've fallen dangerously for her.

J xo

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

We Can't Stop, And We Won't Stop

Let's talk about Pinterest.*

It's the reason why I have huge dark circles under my eyes this morning, the reason why I have fully utilised my Urban Decay Pallets and also the reason Becki and I are still finding motivation to exercise and eat well through the gruelling second day of the Diet (or what Becki has affectionately named 'New Year, New Me' - hello Cliché, I prefer 'Two Fingers To The Fat').

I'm Josie Reeve and I'm a Pintrest addict.

So, 2 days into the new term at college and I've spent 3 out of a possible 4 hours of lectures, listening, taking notes and being an A*+ star student, instead I'm in the back row, under a huge coat and scarf (think granny by the fire) on my tablet...Pinning my dream home... Pinning my - future -wedding...Pinning  adorable pictures of rabbits. Productive, can you tell?

Predominantly though, I've been on Pinterest for one sole cause: 2014 style inspiration. Despite being a fashion student and I can't dress for shit. Or for want of better words, I have a tendency of wearing the same or very similar outfits that are epitome of just plain pants. Wah. But, this girl can dream. 

If you've caught the Pin bug - its a legit disease - and fancy perusing multiple boards of procrastination extensive research here's mine and Becki's (she's got a whole board dedicated to cats.... make of that what you will).

J xo 

*alternatively you could turn this post into a drinking game, every time there's a mention of 'Pinterest', 'Pinning' or any affiliation of that nature, take a drink. I bid farewell to your liver my friend.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

My Outfit Says...07/01

Totally piggy-backed Josie's idea, I'm not even sorry!

What my outfit says;
"I only wear super organic materials and the only chocolate I eat is fair-trade (but I don't even eat that because I'm on the new Dr Phalange diet) . I spend weekends surfing and let my hair be as free as the waves I ride. Hipster is truly what I'm aiming for in this situation, hence the unironed hem of this dress. My pinterest is full of infinity signs and totally meaningful quotes from books I have never read but like to pretend that I have."

What my outfit means;
"Zumba was hard shit mate, I'm too tired to find something that requires more effort than crawling into it, my hair is probably still sweaty and the rain has made it unruly, but I do not have the energy to pick up a brush or re-straighten it. We all know that this dress is really a blanket in disguise and that there are about 4 holes in these tights, but we won't mention it because that would be rude. I don't plan on changing and I mother-flipping don't care about anything apart from my book, my bath and my tiny diet dinner"


"Ooo Hello [sleezy voice]" - JR

I warned you, I'm posh.

Although unfortunately Harrods is not a regular occurrence, this times funding came very generously from Ma, my recent birthday prezzie was a trip to Harrods for tea (two people), and of course my partner in crime on that day was Miss Reeve. 
I must have spent about 3 weeks (3 days) organising and planning my outfit, desperate to fit into the clans of poshos that sipped tea and frittered away hundreds of pounds on a pair of socks. I chose a sheer cream shirt (black lacey bra underneath obvs), denim and leather a-line skirt, black pixie boots and my beloved fur collared coat. This, in my head, was a power ensemble, however I'm pretty sure that for at least half the day my arse was uncovered by the skirt (luckily covered by my coat! phew!) and the blisters my newest shoe purchase had made, 2 days previously, stung like bitches in my boots. Fashion is pain!
Init nice?!
Entering the store in drizzly, morning daylight and exiting the store a good 6 and a half hours later to find the day had passed without us noticing totally baffled me. We sat and ate scones, pastries and teeny tiny finger sandwiches for 2 hours, but the other four had been spent wandering the floors and listening to Josie greet every nice object with a Kenneth Williams-styley 'Helloooo' and staring longingly at fancy make-up/clothes/shoes and books.
The afternoon tea provided unlimited tea. We definitely made the most of it; two silver, four people pots and almost a whole sugar bowl were consumed by us, that on top of ridiculously indulgent petit fours had us in sugar shakes and experiencing the tea sweats. Although we were super starving by the time we found the Georgian, we were even 20mins early?!
She's going to hate me for this!
Turns out that Harrod's makes me so posh its almost uncomfortable, I have never sat as straight as I did in that tea room and I definitely don't normally laugh with my hand over my mouth! Its quite frankly a posh girl problem, we are determined to prove our upper-class credentials.
Notice the pinky?!
However I was out Downton-ed by a lady who was determined to hire someone to follow her carrying her bags?! 

Returning home totally skint with Chanel eyeshadow, 2 classic books, Bumble & Bumble hair nonsense and a bottle of water, I felt accomplished, but not as accomplished as Miss Reeve who carried her brand new, rose gold, The Cambridge Satchel Company bag, like a baby or Gollum's precious.

Hoping I've made you suitably jelly!
B xoxo

Monday, 6 January 2014

My Outfit Says... 6/1

Today, my outfit says...
"I exclusively eat organic fruit and vegetables, never 'veggies'. I power walk, discuss my children's education over coffee and walk multiple dogs in my spare time. Notice my skirt over leggings combo; the rumours are true, I do yoga and teach it too"

What my outfit means...
'Don't even bother with me today, I've got a giant rip in my jeans and have had to opt for slightly-too-see-through leggings, which I've covered up with a body-con skirt. All black disguises the fact I've worn this outfit for the last 3 days and the chunky jumper has probably been on my bedroom floor for a couple of those. We both know that its not a good look, but it's better left unsaid'

I couldn't help myself

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Make Shit Happen

Ebony Stasiak

I am mother flippin excited for 2014; if 2013 is anything to go by, I have a lot install. This last year has been a bit all over the place considering that this time a year ago I spent 10 straight days in my onesie at the dining table compiling and painting a portfolio for my college interview (obvs I left it until the last 10 days to create a sketchbook. Organised? always.) Low and behold I nailed it - got in without bribing the interviewer - and finished little old sixth form, I wouldn't say with flying colours but with some sweet memories which is far far better (and what I keep telling myself).

2013 has seen a lot of me just being happy and content, which couldn't have been done without my beloved Becki and Becky (trust me it's a nightmare when I'm together with either of them). You know they're keepers when you can spend the majority of your time in a onesie, playing GTA and will still put up with you. Willingly. And to all the other ladies and gentlemen, whether we've been friends for 15 years, 4 years or only 3 weeks, it's been a pleasure being a total fruitcake around you this year.

A bit of travel this year too has been greatly welcomed; in February a trip to Krakow still hold a massive part of my heart, for one we we toured Auschwitz and the Jewish parts of the City, which still gets me choked, and on a lighter note, got totally shit faced with our History Teachers in a tiny outdoor bar in a square in the old city. We also - mainly me - danced with a guitar playing homeless man, but I'll leave that tale for another time. GOOD TIMES *insert thumbs up and shots for all*. Other little trips this year included a couple of days in my soul-city (forgive me) Paris, and group road trip to Herefordshire and a family holiday in Dorset.

2013 was the year that the majority of my friends and I turned 18, meaning we drank our bodyweight in shitty liqueurs legally rather than scrounge off our older siblings or sift off the dregs off our parents' supply. Although I still get shifty whenever anyone asks to see my ID. But, turning 18 it meant an inevitable garden party; Glitter balls, tin baths, a questionable playlist, tequila and as always... work the next morning. Story of my life.

But no year is complete without a good old, troop rallying, roof raising, nightmare, list of resolutions;

  1. Like every year, and every other human being, I want to get healthy and if the offset of that is to get thinner then its a bonus. A massive bloody bonus. Quite frankly I eat total rubbish in the form of endless Doritos, and exercise as much as Eric Pickles (Google him), what better time to kick start than a new year and a new school term. Bring it yo. 
  2. Recently, I've been getting into a rut of staying in rather than going out, exploring, meeting new people and seeing old friends, whether I've been ill, hungover or downright right lazy. So this year I'm going to say 'yes' more. I'm just going to get shit done and by the beloved kittens of this earth, I will do things, very very nondescript things, but they will be done.
  3. I will cleanse my wardrobe. I collect shitty clothes, so this year I will buy less but better things. I will also buy less face cleansers, but use them more. 
  4. I will make and alter my clothes (and actually finish them).
  5. I will sing more and louder.
  6. Make more cocktails because I'm good at it and sometimes you've got to indulge in your true calling in life.
So that's that, fingers crossed I can keep to them. 
Happy New Year and keep safe my lovelies,
J xo