Monday, 6 January 2014

My Outfit Says... 6/1

Today, my outfit says...
"I exclusively eat organic fruit and vegetables, never 'veggies'. I power walk, discuss my children's education over coffee and walk multiple dogs in my spare time. Notice my skirt over leggings combo; the rumours are true, I do yoga and teach it too"

What my outfit means...
'Don't even bother with me today, I've got a giant rip in my jeans and have had to opt for slightly-too-see-through leggings, which I've covered up with a body-con skirt. All black disguises the fact I've worn this outfit for the last 3 days and the chunky jumper has probably been on my bedroom floor for a couple of those. We both know that its not a good look, but it's better left unsaid'

I couldn't help myself

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