Tuesday, 7 January 2014

My Outfit Says...07/01

Totally piggy-backed Josie's idea, I'm not even sorry!

What my outfit says;
"I only wear super organic materials and the only chocolate I eat is fair-trade (but I don't even eat that because I'm on the new Dr Phalange diet) . I spend weekends surfing and let my hair be as free as the waves I ride. Hipster is truly what I'm aiming for in this situation, hence the unironed hem of this dress. My pinterest is full of infinity signs and totally meaningful quotes from books I have never read but like to pretend that I have."

What my outfit means;
"Zumba was hard shit mate, I'm too tired to find something that requires more effort than crawling into it, my hair is probably still sweaty and the rain has made it unruly, but I do not have the energy to pick up a brush or re-straighten it. We all know that this dress is really a blanket in disguise and that there are about 4 holes in these tights, but we won't mention it because that would be rude. I don't plan on changing and I mother-flipping don't care about anything apart from my book, my bath and my tiny diet dinner"

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