Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Make Shit Happen

Ebony Stasiak

I am mother flippin excited for 2014; if 2013 is anything to go by, I have a lot install. This last year has been a bit all over the place considering that this time a year ago I spent 10 straight days in my onesie at the dining table compiling and painting a portfolio for my college interview (obvs I left it until the last 10 days to create a sketchbook. Organised? always.) Low and behold I nailed it - got in without bribing the interviewer - and finished little old sixth form, I wouldn't say with flying colours but with some sweet memories which is far far better (and what I keep telling myself).

2013 has seen a lot of me just being happy and content, which couldn't have been done without my beloved Becki and Becky (trust me it's a nightmare when I'm together with either of them). You know they're keepers when you can spend the majority of your time in a onesie, playing GTA and will still put up with you. Willingly. And to all the other ladies and gentlemen, whether we've been friends for 15 years, 4 years or only 3 weeks, it's been a pleasure being a total fruitcake around you this year.

A bit of travel this year too has been greatly welcomed; in February a trip to Krakow still hold a massive part of my heart, for one we we toured Auschwitz and the Jewish parts of the City, which still gets me choked, and on a lighter note, got totally shit faced with our History Teachers in a tiny outdoor bar in a square in the old city. We also - mainly me - danced with a guitar playing homeless man, but I'll leave that tale for another time. GOOD TIMES *insert thumbs up and shots for all*. Other little trips this year included a couple of days in my soul-city (forgive me) Paris, and group road trip to Herefordshire and a family holiday in Dorset.

2013 was the year that the majority of my friends and I turned 18, meaning we drank our bodyweight in shitty liqueurs legally rather than scrounge off our older siblings or sift off the dregs off our parents' supply. Although I still get shifty whenever anyone asks to see my ID. But, turning 18 it meant an inevitable garden party; Glitter balls, tin baths, a questionable playlist, tequila and as always... work the next morning. Story of my life.

But no year is complete without a good old, troop rallying, roof raising, nightmare, list of resolutions;

  1. Like every year, and every other human being, I want to get healthy and if the offset of that is to get thinner then its a bonus. A massive bloody bonus. Quite frankly I eat total rubbish in the form of endless Doritos, and exercise as much as Eric Pickles (Google him), what better time to kick start than a new year and a new school term. Bring it yo. 
  2. Recently, I've been getting into a rut of staying in rather than going out, exploring, meeting new people and seeing old friends, whether I've been ill, hungover or downright right lazy. So this year I'm going to say 'yes' more. I'm just going to get shit done and by the beloved kittens of this earth, I will do things, very very nondescript things, but they will be done.
  3. I will cleanse my wardrobe. I collect shitty clothes, so this year I will buy less but better things. I will also buy less face cleansers, but use them more. 
  4. I will make and alter my clothes (and actually finish them).
  5. I will sing more and louder.
  6. Make more cocktails because I'm good at it and sometimes you've got to indulge in your true calling in life.
So that's that, fingers crossed I can keep to them. 
Happy New Year and keep safe my lovelies,
J xo 

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