Wednesday, 8 January 2014

We Can't Stop, And We Won't Stop

Let's talk about Pinterest.*

It's the reason why I have huge dark circles under my eyes this morning, the reason why I have fully utilised my Urban Decay Pallets and also the reason Becki and I are still finding motivation to exercise and eat well through the gruelling second day of the Diet (or what Becki has affectionately named 'New Year, New Me' - hello Cliché, I prefer 'Two Fingers To The Fat').

I'm Josie Reeve and I'm a Pintrest addict.

So, 2 days into the new term at college and I've spent 3 out of a possible 4 hours of lectures, listening, taking notes and being an A*+ star student, instead I'm in the back row, under a huge coat and scarf (think granny by the fire) on my tablet...Pinning my dream home... Pinning my - future -wedding...Pinning  adorable pictures of rabbits. Productive, can you tell?

Predominantly though, I've been on Pinterest for one sole cause: 2014 style inspiration. Despite being a fashion student and I can't dress for shit. Or for want of better words, I have a tendency of wearing the same or very similar outfits that are epitome of just plain pants. Wah. But, this girl can dream. 

If you've caught the Pin bug - its a legit disease - and fancy perusing multiple boards of procrastination extensive research here's mine and Becki's (she's got a whole board dedicated to cats.... make of that what you will).

J xo 

*alternatively you could turn this post into a drinking game, every time there's a mention of 'Pinterest', 'Pinning' or any affiliation of that nature, take a drink. I bid farewell to your liver my friend.

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