Thursday, 20 February 2014

Josie: Domestic Godess...

For what my college has termed 'Reading Week' for taking a week off to catch up with assignments, I have labelled 'the week in which I do literally anything instead of read'. It's a widely known fact that I'm a profesh procrastinator, for a while it was on my CV until I realised an air of mystery is better; employers will find out eventually anyway.

It's also a widely known fact that I'm a serious dirtbag, meaning I'm a constant mess and so is my room, the kitchen, the bathroom (you can't see the taps for the amount of cleansers and face scrubs); but something has happened in my head. Am I a new woman? Have I changed? My room is clean. I've cooked multiple meals and all victims are still alive. I've up-cycled a stool and worked an extra day at the shop. It's like I've finally blossomed into adulthood.

Although, if the board of Adulthood were to assess my developments, I'm sure they'd mention the 'Macaroon Fiasco'. Let me set the scene...I was alone (deep breath, I get spontaneous when I'm by myself), a friend was due come over in 3 hours and so far all I can offer is Iceland frozen pizza and shitty, but still quite good, cocktails. On any given Cocktail Night I'd be smitten with this situation, but it wasn't that night and so I cracked some eggs and macarooned. It was a great decision to pretend to be Jamie Oliver whilst cracking said eggs, yes, I tried to do that thing where he tosses them between the two halves of shell - as it turns out it slides out and lands in your Dad's tea if you're not quite giving your full attention to the yolk and are simultaneously watching Adventure Time. Funny that.

The next great decision was made at the whisking stage, 'whisk until soft peaks...blah...something about shiny things...'. Top tip: Don't try and balance the electric whisk on the side of the bowl whilst it's still whizzing away, even though you notice how unstable it looks. Bits of glossy egg white e v e r y w h e r e. I kid you not, I left it for 4 seconds tops, and had to clean the kitchen for a good 20 minutes after the incident.

URGH! All my good intentions will always be short lived,
J xo

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