Monday, 3 February 2014

& Other Stories

"Just because you spray yourself with whatever this is, doesn't mean you can stop washing" - BP

Let's discuss & Other Stories: aesthetically, I think it's my kindred spirit. Clean, Simplistic, and presented with an heir of 'I'm feminine but I don't wear pink'. That's how I visualise myself in my head, but, alas, I am just simple (minded). Stories encapsulates how I want to be; Parisienne, smelling good, and clearly got my fingers in stylish pies. Until I get myself a properly paid job in the big wild world, and I can buy clothes from places other than charity shops, I'm taking baby steps before I transform my entire wardrobe. 

For starters, delving into the beauty department; reasonably priced bits and bobs that smell delicious beyond compare *swoon*. After spritzing every single spray on the shelves and making Becki continually smell me (I quote, 'It was a nice change from your usual odour'. The cow.) I settled for Secret Haven. 

The scent doesn't last too long on my skin, but on occasion throughout the day a nice whiff of cleanliness and that's nothing to turn your nose up at. 

Next on the Stories wish list are the Blushers - need I mention the Romeo and Juliet quote embedded in the powder?! Excuse me whilst I buy 10. 

Have a lovely week pickles, seek happy nights to happy days!
J xo 

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