Monday, 28 April 2014

My Cocktail Diary

How artistic?!
Welcome one and all to my cocktail diary of sorts!
I will admit the above artsy fartsy, alcoholic photographs were not taken by my fair hands, rather by the genius that is my brother; apparently alcohol does not impare his photography skills. But I did drink at least 1/4 of the above drinks, if not 1/3. 
I recently spent 8 days in the BEA-UTIFUL land of Barbados-I know I'm super lucky- based on my experience I thought it best to discuss my drink consumption, rather than the sun, sea, sand, sky or any other S's. 
During this week or so I must have tried around 27 cocktails, I know, I really could have done better. 
The ones I can remember are; strawberry mojito, black cherry mojito (tastes like marzipan. YUCK.), normal mojito, bajan chalice, sex with a bartender, sex on the beach, sex on the sand (I'm not normally this promiscuous sounding!), CD key, dodgeball, casino royale, fruitini, chocolatini and the rest are a blur of colour and curaƧao. 
My Top Tipple; The Dodgeball; Oh My Goodness! This was like magical, gin goodness. It had two gin types, a sugar syrup, lemon sherbet and blackberries. It also came in a glass the size of my head- BONUS!! It tasted like fruity, ginny dibdabs!
So if you are in need of a cocktail connoisseur or simply someone who will drink whatever's put in front of them: I'm your gal!
Tweet me (@lifesateaparty) your top tipple or an invite to make or drink a cocktail (I'm that much of a loner)!
Happy Weeks!
B xoxo

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