Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Apocalips: Wow

 I know this is a cop out blog post but I think it's nice now and then to share things you enjoy, therefore it's probably about the right time that I share with you my long term, lip saviour: the Rimmel London Apocalips Lip Lacquer in Celestial. When I brought this, last February whilst en route to Krakow, I was in a whirl wind of travel and wanting to immerse myself into the 'Beauty Blogging World'. Obviously, the travel was limited to one city and the blogger career never really suited me.

But still, this is my ode to the girliest, pinkest, most feminine item of face attire I own. At first I wasn't sure; I hadn't given a thought to pink as one of the necessities on my face, let alone my lips (due the excess of pink already existing in my face and the well know fact that 'pink's for girls' and I'm not one of those types). And this colour isn't exactly subtle. The texture is that of a lip gloss, but less sticky and the pigment is FULL ON, but a small amount can be blended on to the lips for a sheerer, purple toned shade.

It quickly became my go to shade to soften up my typically grungy, leather jacket and vans to go look and at that one of lip products I'll genuinely miss when (not 'if', it's inevitable) I'll lose it trough a hole in my pocket or when it flips out of bag due to my drunken state on a night out.

Also, in other news, totally haven't murdered my 3 month old orchid yet. Pink lips and green fingers are so SS14, darling.

J xo 

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