Sunday, 18 May 2014

Revision Woes.

Hells yeah I do! 
Ok so exam season, totally my time to shine, right? I mean I work all the hours god gives during the terms and I even ask for extra work! NERD ALERT. I know and I've embraced it, so suck it.  
Except I now have no major plans for revision, sure these are life altering exams but a Disney marathon is also important, yeah? Or random o'clock runs? Or super long showers?
Suddenly the part of my brain that drives overly motivated geektown Becki shut down and it's like the YouTube cat that says no has taken over. Right now instead of going over my vast sea of notes for my 9am exam I am watching Hercules (for the 3rd time). I don't mean to waste time or lose focus it just happens, one minute I am set up with revision sites and playlists and textbooks, and the next its netflix not 'getrevising' and Look magazine not a textbook. 
But once I finish this film I'm definitely revising...famous last words. 
Good luck to all of you with exams! 
B xo

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