Tuesday, 30 December 2014

That One Where 'We Sheepishly Return to The Blog After a 7 Month Hiatus'

*This is the bit where I apologise profusely that we haven't written for a while, and request that we don't address this further, because it a bit embarrassing for everyone involved *

What better way to end this year than to look back at the train wreck that was my New Years Resolutions from way back in January. When you look back on good intentions and you have your head in your hands with an ounce of 'oh, god i should have just made one resolution', you know you should share it with the internet. PS. The first one is a real cracker.
  1. I want to get healthy and if the offset of that is to get thinner then its a bonus
    •  L O L, Jose, oh Jose, why did you even bother with this enthusiasm? Whenever I hear this sorry excuse for a resolution from anyone mouth it makes me weep with lack of imagination. Obviously that's everyone's goal, I've never met anyone who's sole resolution was to be unhealthy (unless you are in fact that guy from Supersize Me #oldschoolreference ). Alas, yes I'm a resolution snob and yes I'm a little fatter than I was last year. Win win, Kind of.   
  2. I'm going to say 'yes' more.
    • Surprisingly, I've actually done this one. It's lead to a job (spoiler alert: yes, it's a proper job), repping UK retail in Paris, going to a multitude of food festivals and gigs, having better relationships with my friends and being spontaneous. I've taken this one to heart, and have searched for things to do rather than wait for others to, and it's been pretty fun too. 
  3. I will cleanse my wardrobe.  
    • As Gill at work always tells me, 'to cleanse the wardrobe, is to cleanse the soul' and by God she is so right. I've started doing this on a monthly basis to my own wardrobe...and to my dad's wardrobe...and to Becki's....and I'm eyeing up my ma's and brothers for the next hit.  It's become a very intense process, and calms my ever evolving OCD.
  4. I will make and alter my clothes (and actually finish them).
    • Again, LOL. Don't even ask, I haven't picked up that circle skirt since January. Whoops. 
  5. I will sing more and louder.
    • Still working on that one - no complaints from the neighbours as of yet and I still stand by the fact the PA set is a bit faulty. 
  6. Make more cocktails because I'm good at it and sometimes you've got to indulge in your true calling in life.
    • Nailed this one whole heartedly. I made Grapefruit Mojitos last month, it was a happy happy blissful time for all involved - I think even Becki can vouch when i say that. 

So now we're all caught up on my nice list of not very well planned/thought out/completed resolutions and learnt that good intentions don't always mean that things are done, I behold the honour of presenting to you Josie's 2015 resolutions: 
  1. Have another crack at sewing. I mean really, how hard can it be - did you see celebrity sewing bee?
  2. Start saving money every month, by putting a little bit away for a good ol' fashioned summer holiday (and to sing Dolly Parton - playlist will probably vary - all the way along on a trip I can actually afford to go on). This also rolls into, not buying lunch from Pret everyday, you cruel cruel consumerist mistress, you. 
  3. This last year I worked out how to properly use my camera and this year I'd like to use it more often, and *fingers crossed* print the photos. I am fully aware that I'm prematurely senile - both Becky/is keep reminding me, hence why I need pictures so I can live out the dream of telling weird old stories round the fire to my imaginary friends and fruits. 
  4. Turn off Instagram, Netflix and Bloglovin (Lord knows, Facebook is dead to me) every now and again to do things that are productive, or go outside - maybe i'll meet real drag queens rather than watching Ru Paul's Drag Race 24/7.
  5. Read more
  6. Study. Since graduating college, and going to work, I have missed researching and learning about fashion. I feel like only a year of it was never going to be enough. I need to know the history, the icons, the theory. I want to know it, and I want a library of it. Immediately.
Maybe this year I'll be able to uphold these a little better than last year, but then again, I do have the will power and concentration of a very very ADD child, so who can tell. 

J xo 

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