Sunday, 26 June 2016

Songs of June

Hey it's me.

So, 2am last night: After watching Adele's set at Glastonbury on the telly, belting out every word (even though I'm 'not a fan') and mashing together a post-tv-coverage playlist, the topic of conversation mulled into our top 5 songs of all time.

Obviously, this sparked some debate between the questions, 'Where's your loo' and 'Do you mind if I find a t-shirt to sleep in'. And although, that has got me thinking about the huge task of whittling down all my favourite sounds down to 5, I also had a think about what I've listened to this month and LOVED.

So here we are, have a listen, and tell me what else I need to get into my ears:

Alfie Connor - Stranger 
...Ooo soft soppy songs 

George Ogilvie - Better Man
...What a surprise, another soppy one. Would you even be surprised if I told you that I like to listen to this when it rains? 

Bastille - Good Grief 
...Because any song that starts with 'So what would you little maniacs like to do first' is the best

Nao - Inhale Exhale
...Anything this lady sings is like molten gold in my ears and I can't get enough

Fifth Harmony - Work From Home
...Yeah, sorry about that. We started off so strong, and ended so weird. 

J x 

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